The X buttton.Edit

Ps3 controler

The x button is a button normaly used to jump.

The x button is a blue button on all the playstation consoles so far. It is usually used to jump and on some games you can press it twice in a row to double jump. It is the bottom button on the right of the centre of the controler with the circle button (red) to its right top corner and the square button (purple) on its top left. Right on top is the triangle button (green.)


The X button is on the playstation 1, 2 and 3 and of course the psp. It is probaly going to be on the playstation 4 as well. It is also on the playstation move controler.
On the playstation move controler the square button is above it the cicle button is to it's right and the triangle button is above that.


The X button is used in almost every game. Most of the time it is used for jumping somtimes pressing it twice in a row will let you double jump but only on certain games. Holding it down somtimes alowes you to do extream jumps and better moves but only for certain games.

What it looks like Edit

The X button is a thin blue X in the middle of a black circle. The sides of the X almost reach the ends of the black circle but don't quite.The X looks a bit like a blue times sign or a blue letter X. The button is not that big it is the same button as the triangle button, square button and the circle button.


The X button is on all controlers made by sony including the psp. It is also on alot of other extra controlers for special games that need other controlers to work propaly. It is on all there portable gaming consoles e.g the psp and psp go.

Playstation appEdit

On the playstation app (found in the app store) there a lot of X butttons along with the other buttons in the air. Instead of the usual look they are white and haven't got a circle around them.

Where it isEdit

On the playstation controler it is on the right side of the controler.

Playsation moveEdit

The X button is on the playstation move. Somtimes the light on top of the playstation move glows blue which is the same corlor as the X button.

Main buttonsEdit

The X button is thought to be one of the main buttons along with the triangle button, the square button and the O button. This is thought because of the images of the X button on the playstation app and alot of other things. This is also thought because of the corlors on the playstation move.

Playstation 1Edit

On the playstation 1 controller the X button is in the same place as in the playstation 2 and the playstation 3. The X button is known as the jump button on the playstation 1 because on almost every game you use the X button to jump.

Playstation 2Edit

On the playstation 2 the X button is used alot to jump to. The X button is in the same place as on the playstation 1 and looks the same to.

Playstation 3Edit

The X button in the playstation 3 controller is in the same place as the others. The playstation controller is also wireless but the X button is still the same. The X button has alot of other uses then jumping on the playstation 3 but is still the use for the X button in alot of games.


On the psp (playstation portable) the X button is on the right side of the portable console along with the O button, the triangle button and the square button.


The names often refured to as the X button is the X button, the blue button, the jump button and the enter button.

The X button in gamesEdit

In the game little big planet there is a playstation 3 controler in your pod on this controller there is an X button.
In the game little big planet the X button is used to jump. Another apperance of the X button in little big planet 2 is another playstation 3 controller in your pod again with the X button. Another X button on little big planet 2 is in create mode where the X button is found on another controller in the tweak options of a controllernater.


The X button is often used to jump on all sony consoles. Somtimes you can do double jumps and other jumps using the jump button. The hight of jumping depends on the game.


The X button is often used in racing games to move with some help from the left analog stick you can often control the car using the two buttons. The speed depends on the car you are in and the game.


Even though the start button is the button to pause in most games the X button is the button used to select an option in this menu.


You can often use the X button to skip short clips in games. Some times the o and the start button are used to skip short clips to.

Other buttons on the controllerEdit

O button

triangle button

square buttton

left anolog stick

right anolog stick







up, down, left and right arrow buttons.




PS button

The select buttonEdit

The select button is the name given to the X button in most tuturials in games.

Pressing the X buttonEdit

It also somtimes has a little x button on the corner of a game when characters in the game are talking to you often saying (please press X to continue.)

Consoles it's onEdit

Playstation 1 controller

Ps1 controller

Playstation 2 controller

Playstation 3 controller


PSP go

Playstation move controller

Future consoles that may contain the X buttonEdit

The playstation 4 (PS4) will probaly have the X button on it. On all the images that are said to be the new playstation 4 controller it has it on them even the weard ones. It may also be on the next playstati
Miget ps4 controler
on portable. The next playstation portable could be called the psp 2, the psp go 2 or a compleatly new name. The next playstation is likely to be called the playstation 4 (ps4). Or sony may make a compleatly different gaming console which may contain the X button.

Future controllersEdit

If sony make a different playstation move controller like the playstation move 2 then that will probaly have the X button on it.

Names listEdit

X button

Select button

Blue button
PS4 controller maybe.

Action button

Cross button


  • The X button has appeared on all sony gaming consoles.
  • The X button is the only blue button on the playstation controllers.
  • On the X-box controller there is also an X button and it is also blue.
  • On the wii remote there is also a X button exept from that it's the shape of an add sign and not a times sign.