The world of SonyEdit

Sony is a japanese company that makes leading products like the playstation types of T.Vs and more. And that is why the world of sony wiki was created to tell info on the products and successes of sony. Of course it is a lot to write, writing everything about sony so the world of sony wiki needs your help. Write and edit pages all about sony.

How to tell us your sony storiesEdit

It's simple if you have any news on sony just follow these simple steps

1. Enter this page (The world of sony)

2. Click on the edit button.

3. Write your sony story in the sony news section.
Sony 2

If you are going to write a story it has to follow these rules.

1. Needs to be about sony

2. Needs to be mordern (not a story from 2000)

3. Do not delete other stories.

Alt img e
If any of the stories do not follow any of these rules it will be deleted. Thankyou. If you are not sure if your story will be alowed on the news section then please put it on the checklist section where it will be checked and if correct it will be moved on the news page for you, if not it will be deleted. We would love to read sony news from you so please do give us your sony news. And remember to write your name near your piece of work thank you.
Sony 3
If you have any problems put it in the problems section.

Sony newsEdit

Playstation network is up on all consoles





If you have got any quistions about sony that please visit are quistion page

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