Sony and littlebigplanetEdit

Little big planet is a game that has been realesed on playstation3 and psp which are both sony products. Little big planet was first realesed in 2008 on the ps3 (playstation3) by media molecules. Little big planet is owned by sony along with alot of other games. Little big planet was later realesed on psp in 2009 followed by little big planet 2 in 2011.

Littlebigplanet is a game that only has been realesed on sony gaming consoles.

Story of little big planetEdit

The first little big planet started of in the gardens owned by the king he gives you tests to see if you are good anoth to go and meet the curater creators.Then sackboy goes and meets the other curatoirs until finally having to fight the collector. The collector has captured all of your friends and finally after fighting him you free your friends and the collector surrenders.

Sony in the gameEdit

In the game you have a pod in your pod is a playstation 3 controler used to control your pod.

Little big planet psp.Edit

The psp version of the game very simillar to the ps3 version. You start of in need of a holiday and go down under where you meet another curatior ceator. He sends you to find the others to set up the carnival.

Little big planet 2Edit

The story for little big planet two starts when you get atacked by the negatevatron. Later on saved by the leader of the alliance which then you on a quest to deafet the negatevatron.


Sackboy is a compleatly customable character which can change expresions and is the playable character on all little big planet games so far.